Cloud Based Solutions

The DEBTMAN debt collection application operates in a full cloud environment providing full security and 24-7 reliabliity to its services and client data. There is no need for a client to download any software it is simply a matter of connectiing via the internet and loging in to your account and you have access to all of your records along with communication directly to your recovery personnel. If you have voice to text facilities this will also work with the DEBTACTION service.
Within the application, Risk Recoveries have created an API (All Program Interface) for Xero and MYOB accounting programs that saves users a considerable amount of time when pursuing their outstanding accounts. The API allows you to highlight the debtors that need to be pursued and at the click of a button which sends the debt to Risk Recoveries for immediate collection. 

No Messy Debt Instruction Forms
The collection application does away with the need for messy debt instruction forms no matter whether you are loading debt electronically or manually as all debt is loaded directly into the application in real time. 


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