Fee Structure

Risk Recoveries prides itself on providing its clients with the most professional cost effective service possible without compromising the level of service. Many resources are incorporated within our fee structure that are often charged additionally by other agencies.



What we DO charge:


COMMISSION ONLY of 18% on funds recovered or settled on your behalf

  • Debtor tracing and location or external database information when required
  • Preparation of security documents or other pre-legal documents as required
  • Any costs and disbursments only after approval from the client prior to such work being carried out.

What we DO NOT charge:


  • COMMISSION if No Collection
  • Toll Calls, Mobile phone, Texts
  • Joining or Membership Fees 
  • Setup Fees 
  • Closed File Fees
  • Minimum Fees
  • Commission if debt proceeds to legal action


The above commission rate only applies to debts no older than 2 years of age. Debts 2 years or older, disputed debts  or debts that any other agency has previously acted upon a 25% commission rate applies to those debts.


Large debts over $10,000 may be negotiable

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Risk Recoveries are not Solicitors and do not conduct legal procedings. It does its utmost to prevent matters escalting to legal action while aiming to achieve the best cost effective result possible. However if you do need to proceed onto legal we are able to recommend professional law firms we work closely with that are able to provide those services or we can refer your file along with all of our records to a law firm of your choice.


Commission is not charged when any debt is referred on to Solicitors.

Group commission discounts for MYOB and XERO customers