Risk Recoveries has considerable debt recovery experience acting for all types of businesses from owner operated businesses through to national corporate companies and other such entities. This experience enables clients to receive the best possible accurate direction, providing results in resolving their difficult outstanding accounts.

We appreciate every debt has different circumstances and is assessed on its individual relevant merits to establish the best course of action, with the objective being to obtain payment in full.



No other fees apply unless approved by the client

  • Debts of any size
  • Debts may be loaded by the client directly into the DEBTMAN recovery system
  • Personalised recovery service
  • Professional, ethical, experienced recovery personnel
  • Same person manages the debt from start to finish
  • We can demand recovery costs, interest and any other costs (providing the appropriate documentation is available )
  • Regular debtor contact
  • Client notified of any legitmate claimed dispute 

  • Client kept informed of any relevant actions and able to view files online
  • Repayment programs arranged but approved by client

  • Repayment programs monitored and maintained

  • Assistance and recommendations provided

  • Instruction to and from the client directly through their account

  • Service includes:

       all materials - letters, postage, text services, mobile calls, email. 

           Items likely to incur additional charges but only after approval from the client

  • Preparation of debt security documents

  • Field agent visits

  • Service of documents

  • Third party database searching for locating of individuals and file assessment

  • Preparation of terms of trade

Immediate contact and demand is made directly with the debtor to establish when payment will be forthcoming. Any responses, intended actions and agreements are relayed directly to our client and are fully documented and managed within the dedicated "DEBTMAN" software program. This is to ensure any agreed time frames or arrangements are met and strictly enforced.

Unfortunately by law, debt recovery agencies are not able to provide legal advice. Where legal serivces may be required, Risk Recoveries can recommend an appropriate qualified solicitor to represent our client or the client may refer the matter on to their own preferred solicitor at which time we provide them with our full collection and evidence file to enable them to continue the action.


Unlike other debt recovery agencies, No commission is charged on any matter that proceeds to legal action through a Solicitor.

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